Roaster's Daughter Espresso Martini


The original ready-to drink recipe from the proud city of Philadelphia—celebrating over 300 years of American coffee house history.

1 fl oz of Roasters Daughter = approx. 11 mg of caffeine

Crafted with premium vodka, 100% Arabica cold brew coffee, and bittersweet cacao. The Roaster’s Daughter is produced and bottled in Philadelphia, the original home of U.S. coffee house culture—born during the American Revolution.


After the Boston Tea Party, which symbolized the American colonists’ rebellion against British taxation on tea, coffee gained widespread popularity in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York.

Coffee houses sprang up throughout Philadelphia, serving as venues for discussions about the impending Revolution, often frequented by those who wished to avoid British presence.
With the Revolutionary War commencing, men from Philadelphia departed to join the fight, leaving women in charge of successfully managing the city’s coffee houses.

The Roaster’s Daughter pays tribute to these historic coffee houses as we create our own coffee beverages on the very same cobblestone streets of Philadelphia where the original American coffee houses once stood.
Roasters Daughter Illustration - v2


One of the most celebrated coffee houses was built in 1773 under the name of the City Tavern—one of the oldest and most famous Philadelphia establishments. The City Tavern was regarded as one of the the finest coffee houses in America.

The City Tavern served as a meeting house prior to the Revolutionary War. Many prominent figures of the day, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Paul Revere, visited regularly. In the summer of 1774, the First Continental Congress held meetings there.

After the war, in 1785, it became known as the Merchants’ Coffee-House.